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0.10 Ct. Set of 2 Round Brilliant Diamonds In Gift Packing

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0.10 Ct. Set of 2 Round Brilliant Diamonds In Gift Packing

Product Code: GPD-0001

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0.10 Ct. Set of 2 Round Brilliant diamonds in Gift Packing

Beautiful Gift Packing.

Forever Value For Money.


Diamond Details
Color I-J
Clarity SI
Cut Round Brilliants
Carat Weight 0.10 Ct.
Total No. of Diamonds 2
Diamond Weight 0.05 X 2 = 0.10 Ct.
Diamond Dimensions 2.50 MM each diamond

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The Product comes with the following packing.

1. Free Certificate of authenticity from HGL.

2. Earrings Box.

3. Leather cloth to clean diamonds.

4. Outer Box for complete packing.

Certificate of Authenticity is provided by HGL.

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Diamonds hold more value per milligram than any other traded element in the world. Unlike other valuables and commodities,the value of a diamond is inherent and stable. Currency fluctuations, bank crises and stock market variations make no difference.Index data tracking the historical diamond prices up to actual prices.That’s why diamond prices have increased by more than 14% every year since 1960 !

Diamonds are the smallest, lightest and the most concentrated form of wealth in the world today.You know what makes them special.They are easy to carry discreetly – and their values keep going up! Investing in Excellence...On average, diamond prices have increased by more than 14 % per annum for over 50 years. Nothing else can match this track record of stable and increasing value …plus amazing resilience during times of political volatility, social unrest and financial crises.














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  • Remarkable return on investment ROI 
  • Sales are not subject to statutory reporting requirements
  • You invest in diamonds. You get diamonds not papers nor promises
  • Anonymity - diamond sale is not subject to any reporting requirement
  • Resilience against banking crises and currency reforms
  • Attractive way to enhance income after retirement
  • A reassuring investment in crises
  • Traded globally in US$, potential for currency gains
  • History shows amazing proof against inflation
  • No withholding nor property tax
  • Capital gains on sale can be highly tax efficient
  • Always in demand, giving further price stability / increase